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This episode we discuss some of the new regulations and sanctions that substance abuse treatment centers in Florida will be required to follow. Special guest Tom Garafola from Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers offers his opinions and insight.

This episode we discuss another rehab raid & big pharma getting a wake up call. Somebody wake up the FDA.

This episode we discuss Evzio, a life saving medication used for the treatment of an opioid emergency, with a co-founder of Kaleo Pharmaceuticals Dr. Eric Edwards. Get the info straight from the source.

This episode covers news like a couple of sober home managers dying from overdose in PA, twin studies & genetic research, a community that claims to be stigma free, & how we would all be better off if we would just listen instead of silencing those we disagree with.

Original air date 5/19/17. TCL welcomes the new intern Robbie Barrett.