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This episode we discuss the stress of the holidays and how many are celebrating their first holiday season sober and others will be giving the gift of sobriety to themselves, friends, and loved ones.  Either way many choices have to be made this holiday season and thankfully today you have a choice.

This episode we are going GREEN, as we discuss all things people are calling “natural” like Kratom and marijuana.  Highly controversial and there is much more to know on how these plants are used, for what purpose, and the efficacy.  Wait, is there research to back the claims up?  Street propaganda and government propaganda, everyone has an opinion.  We just want to help those suffering from addiction get some help and live a long successful life in recovery.

This episode we discuss God with our friend and author Jack Levine.  Yup, some get mad & offended when God is brought up, some want to shout out from the rooftops and get preachy, while others have their private little thoughts about the whole thing.  Whatever your ideas or relationship with God are, its undeniable how much of an impact there is in all forms of recovery, including that from addiction.

This episode we discuss the outing of many individuals in Hollywood as sexual predators.  Since sexual trauma issues can lead to self medication, substance abuse, nutritional problems, at-risk behaviors, addiction, and suicide, this topic is most definitely important.  Keep coming out people and stand strong together against the predators.  However, keep in mind that all of those accused must be presumed innocent until they are convicted in a court of law.

This episode we discuss President Trump declaring the Opioid Crisis as a Public Health Emergency.  We break down the bullet points and what we can expect from this declaration. 

This episode we discuss medical marijuana, the doctors, the dispensaries, and what Florida can learn from other states that have already travelled down this path.  Lui talks about his visit to Los Angeles, California and his conversations with several people in the business.

This episode we discuss heroin injection sites, harm reduction, & some addiction related statistics that may shock you.

This episode we had Graham Barrett from JourneyPure with us and discussed HB 807, how this effects outpatient programs in Florida, how this may effect those looking for help, and how at least their program has implemented an app to help reduce recidivism by helping clients stay connected and held accountable post discharge.

This episode we had John Chuter from Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers with us and discussed our survival of Hurricane Irma and how the recovery community is alive and well in Florida. We also talked about the single payor system in England since John is our relocated Britt. Would that type of healthcare system be a good thing for those seeking addiction treatment here in the USA?

This episode our great friend & Major League Baseball Legend, Darryl Strawberry, joins our very first live broadcast on The Problem Solving Network Darryl shares his path, his ministry, and his passion for helping others. We also kick off Recovery Month and discuss Stigma as it relates to our college campuses with Chris Burns, MSW from the University of Central Florida Collegiate Recovery Community.

This episode we once again broadcast from the new Surf Monkey Media Studio which is the new home for The Couch Live & The Problem Solving Network. We discuss how the opioid crisis is being used politically and how some groups need to stand up and make more of a noise.

This episode we discuss some of the new regulations and sanctions that substance abuse treatment centers in Florida will be required to follow. Special guest Tom Garafola from Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers offers his opinions and insight.

This episode we discuss another rehab raid & big pharma getting a wake up call. Somebody wake up the FDA.

This episode we discuss Evzio, a life saving medication used for the treatment of an opioid emergency, with a co-founder of Kaleo Pharmaceuticals Dr. Eric Edwards. Get the info straight from the source.

This episode covers news like a couple of sober home managers dying from overdose in PA, twin studies & genetic research, a community that claims to be stigma free, & how we would all be better off if we would just listen instead of silencing those we disagree with.

Original air date 5/19/17. TCL welcomes the new intern Robbie Barrett.